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What to expect


The Grind will provide you with four main parties with hot live music and kick ass DJs. 


Really the blues.

Whether it's live artists or DJs, The Grind promises to deliver the best blues we can for your dancing pleasure 


Let's get real. That's why you are here.  No competitions, no classes. The Grind is all about the party experience so bring several pairs of shoes and get ready to dance through them.

You don't have to be a top level dancer to enjoy The Grind! The event is suitable for everyone whether you have danced for years or never taken a step. As long as you like good blues and a having a good time, you will.


So how much will this party weekend set you back? I mean it won't set you back it will bring you forward, but if we talk about money it's as follows:

The standard pass price is €110. If you want to support the community or if you're excited about potential extra additions, you can get your pass at the community supporter price of €130, if you need a little help from the community to attend (think students, unemployed, pensioners, and similar) you can get your pass at the supported price of €90.

Single parties: €40 per night


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