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APRIL 28-30 2023


After Party Picnic

How to find it

Our afterparty Vappupiknik is ready! Dress as warmly as you can (even though the weather is beautiful, it's a bit windy), bring some food to share and find us here:

And on the map attached in the cell H6.


What to expect


The Grind will provide you with four main parties with hot live music and kick ass DJs. On top of that you will get a pre-party as well as a unique Finnish Vappu Afterparty.


Really the blues.

Whether it's live artists or DJs, The Grind promises to deliver the hottest blues we can for your dancing pleasure 


Looking to learn more about the blues? We got you covered. Prepare your mind for engaging lectures that will feed both your soul and your brain.   


Let's get real. That's why you are here.  No performances, no competitions, no classes. The Grind is all about the party experience so bring several pairs of shoes and get ready to dance through them.

You don't have to be a top level dancer to enjoy The Grind! The event is suitable for everyone whether you have danced for years or never taken a step. As long as you like good blues and a having a good time, you will.


So how much will this party weekend set you back? I mean it won't set you back it will bring you forward, but if we talk about money it's as follows:

Whole event: €90

Single parties: TBA

In order to keep your costs down we have also arranged discounts at hostels and will be offering hosting. 

The Grind DJ Mentorship program

Here at the Grind we believe that music comes first and the most prevalent providers of music in the dance scene are the DJs. Therefore we want to do what we can to help both new and established DJs hone their craft. To that end we are happy to announce The Grind’s DJ Mentorship program!

Who is it for?

Anyone with some DJ experience, be it locally or internationally. It doesn’t matter whether you have played 5 sets in your home scene or if you play 5 international festivals per year. As long as you are passionate about DJing, have a basic understanding of what blues music is, are willing to accept feedback, and you are eager to learn.


Oh, and you have to be registered for The Grind as well.

What will you get?

30 min one on one prep meeting with one of our staff DJs

30 min DJ set at the Grind, where your mentor will be there to discuss and guide you.

15 min review session after your set

How do you apply?

Well it’s simple! Send an email to with the subject line “DJ Mentorship” and answer the questions below. So as not to premier those who are better at expressing themselves in writing, we also accept video and audio applications.

Application deadline March 1


What is your home scene?

How long have you been djing?

Briefly account for your local and/or international DJ experience

Why do you DJ?

What do you hope to get out of the mentorship program?

What are specific things you would like to improve on?


Please provide us with two song lists of 5-10 songs to show us your personality as a DJ

List 1: Songs that you DJ a lot

List 2: Songs that you are excited about right now


The lists can be spotify or youtube playlists or just a written list with links to each individual song so that we know which version it is. 


Applicants will be selected by the mentors based on their applications. A first shortlist will be created based on anonymized applications. These candidates will then move forward to final selection. 


Finnland Institut

The Grind has received a travel grant from TelePART, an arts assistance project run by the Finnland Insitut in Germany. Click below to learn more about the Finland institute

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