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So great that you are excited about registering! We are equally excited about having you here!

 The standard pass price is €110. If you want to support the event or individuals who need the supported pass price, you can get your pass at the price of €130, if you need a little help from the community to attend (think students, unemployed, pensioners, and similar) you can get your pass at the supported price of €90.

Single party ticket sales are also done through the registration page, they are €40 and correspond to a specific night

All of our ticket sales go towards making the event possible and anything extra always goes back to our community. If registration goes above our minimum budget we will add more elements to the event like additional parties, bands and other fun surprises!


To coordinate accommodations in Helsinki or offer space as a host, please connect here:


By purchasing a pass, you agree to adhere to them for the entirety of the event.

1) CANCELLATION: In case of cancellation, please contact us as soon as possible. If you cancel before January 15th 2024, 50% of your ticket price will be refunded. If you cancel after January 15th and before March 15th, 20% of your ticket price will be refunded. After this date, we cannot offer refunds unless you have proof of illness that would prevent you from safely attending the event. 

2) TICKET SALES: All ticket transfers must be facilitated with us. 

3) PHOTOGRAPHY: The event is held in public spaces. Photographs and videos will be taken during the event by attendees and our event photographer. The Grind/Blues Dance Helsinki reserves the right to use these photos for promotional purposes without additional express consent or compensation of the participants. We will not use such photographs or videos for any reason other than documenting or promoting the activities of our organization. Should you have any questions or concerns about your image being taken at our events, please contact us in advance. 

4) COVID-19 AND COMMUNICABLE ILLNESS: We will adhere to any applicable local Covid regulations at the time of the event. If you are ill with a contagious illness, do not attend our event, and please obtain proof of illness for a full refund. 

5) CODE OF CONDUCT: Blues Dance Helsinki/The Grind have a code of conduct alongside other social dance organizations in Helsinki. You must adhere to this code of conduct at our event.

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