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Code of Conduct

CODE OF CONDUCT: Blues Dance Helsinki/The Grind have a code of conduct alongside other social dance organizations in Helsinki. You must adhere to this code of conduct at our event. The Grind reserves the right to take action against anyone who has violated these rules (up until and including the right to remove a person from the event without compensation.  

What we expect of you

1) Treat your fellow dancers with respect. Keep in mind that the Grind will be attended by individuals from numerous ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds as well as people of a rainbow of genders and sexual orientations. Be respectful, no harassment of any kind is tolerated.

2) On a social dance floor every individual may have different preferences at any given moment. Listen to what your fellow dancers tell you, both verbally and non-verbally. Give and receive a no to a dance (or to a style of dance) with respect.

3) Remember safety on the dance floor. Please maintain awareness of your surroundings and refrain from aerials, dips or any unusual movements, which might endanger the fellow dancers safety.


4) The Grind will be attended by people from many different dance scenes. Be aware that what is normal in one scene (e.g. expected number of dances, role of the dancers etc.) may not be so in another. Be sensitive and attentive.


5) Be mindful that attendants may have various sensitivities. Don’t use any strong scents and take good care of your hygiene and bring changes of clothes if you have to.

6)  We will adhere to any applicable local Covid regulations at the time of the event. If you are ill with a contagious illness, do not attend our event, and please obtain proof of illness for a full refund. 


If you find yourself in need of help with any of these issues during the exchange, please seek out our safety and access representatives who will be on hand at all events to provide assistance.

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